My 3 week Travel across Europe


I had been packing and researching for my trip for at least a week and trying to make sure that everything was planned for in advance. I am one of those people that like to plan as much as I can so I was on the internet researching on hotels, buses, trains, planes, roads, must see sights, the weather, night life, food and the culture. I knew that with  a great plan, travel would be made easier because when on the ground, you would simply visit places and enjoy experiences instead of thinking too much about where to go, what to do and whether one was making the right decisions. Besides, I decided to be minimalistic and therefore did not carry my laptop and I knew internet would be sparse overseas hence maximized my time on the net before travel.

Day 1-September 20, 2016

I overslept and work up at around 3.45 am instead of the planned 3 am.I therefore rushed to take a shower, use the toilet and take breakfast and do some 30 minute final packing.

I then rushed out the door at around 4.25 am and hurriedly walked towards  the bus stop so that I could catch the 4.30 am bus to the airport. Within a few meters from the bus stop, I saw the bus quickly pass by  and  I was suddenly taken aback. This was not happening. I had missed the bus by about 20 seconds  and so I decided to walk to the next stop wondering whether I should flag down a cab. I actually tried flagging down a cab but it just passed as it had a passenger. The intention was to get a cab and have it follow the bus since a cab ride to the airport would be quite expensive. If it came to the worst, I would just take a cab to avoid missing my flight. I suddenly began picturing my vacation falling apart even before it started. One bad move and all my plans would fall apart like a weak jenga game.

With thoughts in my head, I reached the second bus stop and whipped out my phone and began checking the bus schedule. The next bus would be here at around 5 am, my flight was at 6.30 am.I would be late. I remember seeing somewhere that these buses run every 20 mins or so, what happened.Just as I was beginning to thinking hard about my next alternative course of action, I decided to  just be on the lookout for a bus willing to come out from nowhere. It was now 4.40 am and I needed to act fast .At around 4.47, a bus appeared and I quickly got in. What a sigh of relief. I would make it to the airport by around 5.20 am

As the bus made its way from downtown to the airport, I rechecked my notes and tried to summarize my next courses of action and simply ensured that I had my ticket, passport and boarding pass.


I got to the airport by around 5.20 am, passed through security and waited for at least one hour before we were allowed to board. The adventure had began well.

The video below shows the boarding and how the plane looked like. It was an American Airlines plane, Toronto to Philadelphi. Departed at 6.50 am  arrived at 10.10 am